Fly Fishing in Corbett Lake

A Fish Story and Destination Lodge

Corbett Lake Lodge’s “claim to fame” is its international reputation for trophy trout fishing. In fact, it has been featured in many fishing magazine articles and books as a premier North American fly fishing destination resort. The lake has controlled access, is fly fishing only, and continues to be actively managed by an annual stocking program.

Sustainable Conservation

Corbett Lake has been the subject of many studies and research over the years, and has the reputation of being one of the best managed lakes not only in BC but across the country. Dating back to the early 1960’s,  BC Government biologists carried out water aeration experiments to reduce winter kill in the lake, and the conservation programmes they helped build and establish are now maintained by the Lodge.

image credit © Julie Conway
image credit © Julie Conway

The Fish Stocking Program

Corbett Lake is fed by springs and seepage, rather than streams which normally provide spawning areas. Over the past 50 years, the lake has been stocked. Initially the Fish and Wildlife Branch stocked the lake but for the last 30 years Corbett Lake Lodge has privately managed the fish stocking program.

Kamloops rainbow trout are released into the lake each Spring ranging from 2 to 10 pounds. Corbett Lake offers potential for an outstanding angling experience.


The quality of fishing at Corbett Lake depends on the insect life, with sequential hatches of a variety of insects. The lodge has taken an active stance in protecting the foreshore where these insects breed; “reading” the lake and its conditions is an intriguing and rewarding part of the fishing experience.


Corbett Lake is a full catch and release fishery in order to maintain optimum stock levels.


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