About Us

Corbett Lake Lodge is one of the hidden gems of south-central British Columbia and a perfect destination for a fishing holiday, personal escape, family reunion, wedding and retreats of all kinds.



*2.5 hours from Vancouver

*5.5 hours from Seattle 

*15 minutes from Merritt, BC


10153 Highway 5A/97C, Okanagan Connector


Our lodge and resort are situated on 300 acres and nestled in an extensive area of sub-alpine grasslands and woodlands.


The resort commands panoramic views of open rolling hills, stands of fir, ponderosa pine, spruce, larch and aspen and wild flower meadows. There is also abundant wildlife in the area for viewing.

The area is blessed with numerous recreational sites and lakes to enjoy and Corbett Lake resort offers a perfect central location to stay and access them. We are surrounded by two of the largest working cattle ranches in Canada, Douglas Lake Ranch and Nicola Ranch.


The climate is generally dry, with summer temperatures ranging from warm to hot, with cooler nights comfortable for sleeping.


Escape to Corbett Lake ~ your favourite activities and peace of mind await. Inquire today and start planning your getaway.



Our History

Corbett Lake Lodge was built in approximately 1942 by the Grandby Consolidated Mining Company as a fishing and hunting retreat. The original building still stands. A dining room and deck were added in later years.  


The Lodge has had only a few owners over the years. Peter McVey, who owned it for 42 years until 2013, was a force in the fly-fishing world both still water and river fishing. His hand-built cane rods are now collectors’ items. As a Chef trained in England in the French tradition, the Lodge dining room provided its guests with culinary delights. The current owners have maintained and built on Peter’s legacy and continue to provide great fishing, food and hospitality, while adding additional amenities and comforts to the cozy and rustic cedar cabins. 


The lake itself was a pothole lake and the levels were raised to provide irrigation for one of the ranches in the area. It was later stocked by the government and then privately by its owners and provides a unique and successful fishery.  


Things To Do While You're in Corbett Lake

In addition to fishing, swimming, canoeing, and kayaking right here at Corbett Lake, there is an abundance of outdoor activities and places to explore during your stay with us.

  • Explore the City of Merritt with its Walk of Stars, the Nicola Valley Museum and Archives, and the Heritage Walking Tour. 
  • Walk the Kane Valley Trails (nordic ski trails in the winter, wonderful hiking in the summer!)
  • Ride one of the mountain biking trails of the Nicola Valley - from leisurely to high adrenalin, we've got it all!

We're happy to chat with you about all the great possibilities and give you directions.